Make a splash with Campus Rec's Aquatics program! Aquatics offers many amazing programs and opportunities for all our members; including, swim lessons, swim clinics, Open Rec Swim, Swim X and much more. 

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    Visit our Schedules & Events page for aquatics scheduling information.

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      Swim X

      Join our community of passionate swimmers. Swim X is a free program for members who want to take their swim workouts to the next level. An experienced coach leads practice and helps refine stroke technique. All abilities are welcome and encouraged to swim with us. Average swim distance is two miles per workout.

      Aquatic Fitness

      Women doing ab workout on stand-up paddleboard.

      Experience one of our water-based Group X classes.

      Water X

      This class will move through mostly deep water exercises with no impact on the joints. With a variety of cardio, core, and strength work you can look forward to a full body workout! This class is open to all ability levels and no swim experience is required.

      Splash Fit

      This high-intensity, low-impact water-based class is designed to challenge you anaerobically. Move through deep and shallow water exercises using a variety of equipment and work out your core on land. Get splashed and get ready to take your fitness to the next level.

      Splash Dance

      Are you ready to groove to the beat of the music using water for extra resistance? If so, this is the class for you. Splash dance will get your heart rate pumping without painful impact on the joints.

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      Open Rec Swim

      Come play with us! Shoot hoops, play water polo or just relax in the pool. Two lanes to half of the pool is dedicated to Open Rec Swim during designated times and helps you experience the pool in a new way. Toys and equipment are provided. Log Roll may also be available with an instructor during these times.


      Swimmer backstrokes through the Rec Center pool.

      Lap Swim

      Lap swim is a dedicated time for members to use the pool to swim laps or aqua jog.

      The number of lanes available for lap swim varies throughout the day. Campus Rec strives to provide a minimum of three lap lanes during designated lap swim times. Occasionally, circumstances may result in reduced lap lane availability. We encourage you to speak with a lifeguard prior to changing and showering to see how many lanes are currently available and how busy the pool is at that time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions about lap swim, please ask a lifeguard or contact the Aquatics and Safety Coordinator.

      There are times when lap swim coincides with another program and that program takes priority. A priority lane is available during scheduled lap swim times for persons needing accommodations. Please let the lifeguard on duty know if you are going to utilize the priority lane to ensure it is clear.



      Three students paddle through the Rec Center pool in kayaks.

      Kayak Pool Sessions

      Open kayak pool sessions are a chance for kayakers of all experience levels to work on skills in the safety of the pool. If you're a beginner, this is a great way to get comfortable in a boat, work on basic strokes, and start working towards more advanced skills.

      For intermediate or advanced paddlers the pool is a great place to master your roll (including your off-side roll, hand roll, etc.), play with different types of boats, and strengthen core muscles for the paddling season ahead.

      Kayak pool sessions are only offered during the 10 weeks of the academic term. Please check the Program Schedule for specific dates. Learn more about the Kayak Pool Session Rules before your visit. 


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      Aquatic Clinics

      Swim clinics include up to five participants who all want to work on a specific aspect of swimming. Participants receive specialized instruction on swim strokes in a small group setting for an incredibly subsidized rate. Visit our swim clinics page for descriptions and dates.

      Group photo of the 2016 Aquatics staffWomen-Only Swim

      Open to self-identifying women and their children ages 5 and under to swim and play together. Female lifeguards will be on duty and windows will be covered to create a more private space. 

      Youth Swim Lessons

      Youth swim lessons are offered fall, winter, and spring terms. Register at Member Services no later than the day before the class starts. Visit our youth swim lessons page for information and schedule. 

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      For accommodations please contact Jen Armbruster at 503-725-2927 or