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Meet Professor Gwynn Johnson
Meet Professor Gwynn Johnson

Gwynn Johnson is an example of the kind of enthusiasm for teaching and research that makes PSU faculty extraordinary. She is passionate about teaching and working with students, and she strives to help them realize the power of analytical and critical thinking.

While earning her B.S. and M.E., Johnson worked for Environmental Consulting & Technology in Gainesville, Florida, and Larsen and Associates in Miami, Florida. Her field experience inspired her to attain her Ph.D. at the University of Arizona, and she joined PSU's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in 2002 after completing her post-doctoral work.

An expert in groundwater hydrology, subsurface contaminant transport and fate, environmental chemistry, Johnson fits in perfectly with PSU's strong environmental and engineering faculty.

Johnson is establishing herself as a practical and imaginative scientist. "So far my favorite project was at Hill Air Force Base in Salt Lake City, Utah, where we investigated novel techniques for cleaning up a complex mixture of wastes, trapped in the subsurface. The most unusual cosolvent we tried was beer."

On campus, Johnson advises student members of the Society of Women Engineers. She believes it is important "to serve as a role model for young women in what traditionally has been a male-dominated profession."