Geotechnical Engineering Research

At PSU,  we are embarking on new and exciting research in geotechnical engineering. CEE faculty have organized their research around the infrastructure Testing and Applied Research (iSTAR) Laboratory.

2020 Maseeh College Researcher of the Year: Arash Khosravifar

Dr. Khosravifar's research focuses on reducing earthquake risk on our infrastructure and lifelines in order to improve Oregon's resiliency in an aftermath of an earthquake.

Geotechnical Engineering Research Faculty

Faculty and staff contact information is listed in our Faculty & Staff Directory.

Faculty Title Research Areas
Arash Khosravifar Assistant Professor Geotechnical earthquake engineering, soil liquefaction, geotechnical numerical and physical modeling, soil-structure interaction (SSI), probabilistic seismic hazard analysis and ground motions
Diane Moug Assistant Professor Geotechnical earthquake engineering, in-situ testing, numerical modeling, soil constitutive modeling, characterization of unique or problematic soils
Trevor Smith Professor Emeritus Deep foundations under lateral load, digital engineering education, geosynthetics, in-situ soil testing and analysis, Load Resistance Factor Design (LRFD), soil/structure interaction

Geotechnical Engineering Research Facilities

Laboratory Location Contact Description
Geotechnical Design Laboratory EB 260 Arash Khosravifar, Diane Moug A combined seminar, teaching, and research space, including a geotechnical dedicated PC computer lab, a geotechnical library, and equipment for liquefaction susceptibility and cyclic behavior of these soils.
Insitu Testing Laboratory EB 265 Arash Khosravifar, Diane Moug Prep space for field research and insitu testing and analysis.
Soil Mechanics Laboratory EB 270 Arash Khosravifar, Diane Moug Additional space for graduate student geotechnical research primarily conducted in EB 260.