Upper Division Admissions

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Upper Division Admissions

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About the Upper Division

Students nearing the end of their lower division 100-200 level prerequisite coursework should plan to apply for the Upper Division by April 15 for the Fall cohort. Upon admission to the Upper Division, BSCE and BSENVE students are able to access 300-400 level coursework in their assigned Track, which includes electives that allow them to customize their specialty within civil or environmental engineering. 

How to Apply

1. Review Program Admissions Requirements

Information regarding admissions eligibility and requirements, deadlines, continuation criteria, and appeals are posted and maintained in the PSU Bulletin. CEE also provides sample 4-year course plans to guide students as they map out their educational journey, as well as important information for transfer and post-baccalaureate students. Please thoroughly review the information at these links before applying to the Upper Division.

2. Apply to PSU

In addition to the Departmental online application form, students transferring from other institutions must also apply for admission to PSU and submit all transcripts from previous institutions to the Office of Admissions. Completing this step early streamlines the Upper Division application review process, and helps the CEE Department deliver admissions decisions to applicants quicker.

3. Apply to the Upper Division

When you are nearing completion of your lower division coursework (typically around the end of your sophomore year), fill out the Departmental application for the Upper Division. The application for Fall term is open until April 15. If you are in-progress or transferring courses from outside of PSU that have not yet appeared on your DARS Report, have PDFs of unofficial transcripts ready to upload with your application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: I declared my major on Banweb - does this mean I'm admitted to the Upper Division?

A: No. You may declare Civil Engineering or Environmental Engineering as your major at any time after enrolling at Portland State University - however, all students must additionally apply and be formally admitted to the BSCE or BSENVE program before they will be allowed to enroll in restricted 300-400 level (Upper Division) courses.

Q: Can I still apply for a Fall start if I'm finishing some lower division courses in Spring / Summer term, after the Upper Division application is due?

A: Yes! As part of your application, you will be asked to detail your plan to complete any remaining lower division courses. If you are currently in progress at another institution, you should submit unofficial transcripts in .PDF form as part of your application. Once you have completed your coursework, you must send copies of official transcripts to PSU as soon as possible - if there is no official record of your transfer course completion, you may experience registration issues that could delay access to courses and graduation. 

Q: I'm so excited to start! Can I apply to the Upper Division early? 

A: No - but we appreciate your enthusiasm! If you apply to the Upper Division with more than a year of lower division coursework still remaining, the application will be denied due to ineligibility. Applicants should apply for the Upper Division in the Winter/Spring immediately preceding the Fall term in which they intend to start.

Q: Oh no, I missed the April 15 deadline! Can I apply to the Upper Division late?

A: Yes - though there is no guarantee that applications submitted after April 15 will be reviewed or accepted, the CEE Department is occasionally able to accommodate late applications. If this is your situation, please contact us directly at ceedept@pdx.edu for assistance.

Q: Can I defer my admission to the Upper Division?

A: No. Due to the selective admission process and space limitations, the CEE Department cannot hold spots in future years for deferring students. Admitted students who can no longer attend during their admission term will need to alert the CEE Department as soon as possible; students who wish to defer from Fall term admission to Winter or Spring of the same year must meet with a CEE Department advisor to discuss their options. We encourage those interested in attending in a future year to wait and apply when the application for that year opens.

Q: Does CEE have an Honors Program?

A: Yes! Our Honors Program is open to Upper Division students, and gives highly motivated future engineers the chance to develop their undergraduate degree program to reflect their particular interests. Honors Program students choose a research area and complete an Honors thesis during their senior year, and many of these students go on to graduate school. Learn more and apply on our CEE Honors Program page.