Registration Help

Override Request Form

If you are receiving an unexpected registration error for a CE, EAS, or ENVE prefixed course, or would like the CEE Department to consider allowing you to register for an off-track course, please fill out the CEE Override Request Form. 

Academic Calendar

The PSU Academic Calendar lists priority registration dates, add/drop deadlines, holidays & closures, financial deadlines, and more.

Administrative Drops and Waitlist

Students registered for any class taught by the CEE Department must attend the first class session during week one, unless prior written permission is granted by the instructor in advance. The CEE Department will drop students for non-attendance on the first day of class from any CE course that has a waitlist to accommodate other students trying to enroll. If this happens, be aware that 1) the student remains responsible for any tuition charges associated with registration, and 2) the course may be recorded permanently on the students' academic record, depending on when the CEE Department processes the drop.


While the CEE Department guarantees space in required courses for on-track students, we cannot guarantee a spot in your preferred section or elective course. In this case, registering for the waitlist and attending the first class is critical. Should space open up in the course, students are admitted to the class from the waitlist in the order in which they registered, and students must have attended the first week of class to be eligible for open seats. 


If registering for a class with a lab, please note that waitlists are placed on the lab only. Students offered a seat in the course will need to register for the lab and the open lecture section.

  • Go to the Register for Classes page under the Student Services tab in your Banweb
  • Choose the correct term
  • First, attempt to add the course. You will receive a message indicating the course is full. In the registration pane, select "Wait List WEB" and click on Submit to be added to the waitlist. 
    • If the course is full and a waitlist is available, the Status box will indicate how many students are already waitlisted.


If a seat becomes available, students will be notified by email. Students will have 24 hours from the time this email is generated to register for the reserved seat. Instructions on how to add a course from the waitlist when a seat becomes available will be contained in the notification email.

Once 24 hours has lapsed, students will automatically be dropped from the waitlist. It is possible to re-register for the waitlist, but you cannot regain your prior place in line and will be placed at the bottom of the list. You cannot re-register for the waitlist once classes have begun.

For more information, please see the Waitlist FAQs.


Once the term has started, the waitlist is managed manually by the CEE Department. CEE staff will notify students using their PSU email account that a spot has opened up in that class. Students on the waitlist who do not attend the first day of class will not be eligible to register for the class if a seat becomes available.

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