Transportation Engineering Research

At PSU, there is incredible energy and activity surrounding transportation research. CEE faculty participate in the campus-level research center TREC, the Transportation Research and Education Center for Portland State University, which in turn houses NITC, the National Institute for Transportation and Communities, one of only a small handful of National University Transportation Centers funded by the USDOT. 

CEE faculty direct two key labs:

  • Transportation Technology and People Lab: The TTP Lab applies advanced modeling and data analysis techniques to improve multi-modal transportation systems. The group also designed ORcycle, a smartphone app that collects bicycle route and infrastructure data for the Oregon Department of Transportation.
  • Sustainable Urban Planning & Engineering Research Lab (SuperLab) SUPER Lab in an interdisciplinary group that conducts research on the links between human behavior, technology, and the built, social, and natural environment


Faculty and staff contact information is listed in our Faculty & Staff Directory.

Transportation Engineering Research Faculty

Faculty Title Research Areas
Jason Anderson Research Associate Transportation safety modeling, spatial econometrics and statistics, big data analysis focusing on various concepts such as traffic flow, travel time, freight commodity analyses, methodological approaches. Interests also include merging technologies and data fusion techniques as they pertain to smart vehicles, infrastructure, cities, and safety impacts.
Kelly Clifton Professor & Interim Associate Vice President for Research Land use and transportation, physical activity and health, transportation policy, travel behavior, non-motorized transportation. Director of the Sustainable Urban Planning & Engineering Research Lab (SuperLab).
Miguel Figliozzi Professor Electric vehicles and new vehicle technologies, emissions and air quality modeling, freight and logistics, innocations in traffic and transportation management and operations, non-motorized transportation. Director of the Transportation, Technology, and People Lab.
Srisha Kothuri Senior Research Associate I Multimodal traffic operations, bicycle and pedestrian counting, multimodal safety, data archival for non-motorized transportation data
Christopher Monsere Professor & Department Chair Multimodal transportation safety, management and dissemination of large transportation data, improvements in transportation operations.
Avinash Unnikrishnan Associate Professor Traffic assignment and planning, network equilibrium models, traffic flow operations and control, freight and logistics. Co-director of the Transportation, Technology, and People Lab.

Transportation Engineering Research Facilities

Laboratory Location Primary Contact Additional Contact Description
Transportation and GIS Lab EB 375 Chris Monsere Kelly Clifton, Miguel Figliozzi, Avinash Unnikrishnan The lab contains approximately 12 PC workstations with access to our central server and data repository. State-of-the-practice software in travel simulation, geographic and spatial analysis, travel demand, and statistical analysis software allow our research groups to study and analyze large scale systems. The lab has the full ERSI Arcview GIS suite installed on all PC and 10 TransCAD software licenses. The lab also has access to Portland’s extensive GIS data in the Regional Land Information Service (RLIS). 
Traffic Signal Lab EB 380 Chris Monsere Kelly Clifton, Miguel Figliozzi, Avinash Unnikrishnan The lab contains 8 PC workstations with access to our central server and data repository, real-time access to the City of Portland’s traffic surveillance and central signal system,  functioning traffic controllers, 2 Controller Interface Device (CID) to allow hardware in the loop simulation, a suitcase signal tester, and timing optimization software. The software and equipment in this lab support research of the systems integration of traffic signals in the intelligent transportation system with a strong focus on data processing of traffic signal information. The lab has 5 full PTV America VISSIM/VISSUM/VISTRO licenses. 
Transportation Air Quality EB 390 Miguel Figliozzi Chris Monsere This lab also hosts a bank of dedicated PCs for graduate students conducting transportation research, as well as equipment used in both courses and research. Equipment includes a) devices to measure speed (Ultralyte Lidar Gun), counts (Autoscope Rackvision, Wavetronix SmartSensor HD125, non-intrusive Bicycle and Pedestrian infrared counters, simple road tubes), b) sensors and equipment to measure traffic pollution (DustTrak DRX Desktop Aerosol, Langan Model L26n CO2, Langan Model T15n CO Measurer) and weather conditions (RM Young 3-D Anemometer RM Young T/RH Model 43502); c) high precision surveying equipment including total stations and single person roving GPS data collector, d) state of the art video cameras with multiple data input streams.