Advisory Council

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Advisory Council

The CEE Advisory Council is a group of distinguished civil and environmental engineering professionals that advises and assists CEE at Portland State University (PSU) in its endeavor to provide the highest quality of education and research consistent with the needs of industry, government, community/public, service, and academic institutions. The Advisory Council members are individuals whose business and/or professional careers have brought them recognition for sound judgment, decisive action, and integrity. The Council meets up to three times per year and interacts with students and faculty regularly. If you are interested in the Advisory Council membership, please contact the CEE Chair, Chris Monsere.

The current CEEAC Bylaws: CEE Advisory Council (CEEAC) Bylaws [PDF]

The current roster of the Advisory Council is: 

Name Affiliation Membership Sector Area
Eric Strecker Terraphase Engineering Chair Private Environmental / Water Resources
Larry Magura Consulting Engineer Vice Chair Private Environmental / Water Resources
Eric Forsyth Port of Portland Regular Public Local Management
Sam Hunaidi Oregon Department of Transportation Regular Public State General
Kevin Kaplan VLMK Regular Private Structural
Chad Norvell Inka Software Young Member Private Structural
Raychel O'Hare Professional Service Industries (Intertek-PSI) Young Member Private Environmental / Water Resources
Allison Pyrch Hart Crowser Regular Private Geotechnical
Steve Townsen City of Portland Regular Public Local Transportation
Beth Wemple HDR Regular Private Transportation
Paul Wirfs Oregon Department of Transportation Regular Public State Geotechnical
Emeritus Members
Hamid Afghan AAI Engineering Emeritus Private Structural
Randy McCourt DKS & Associates Emeritus Private Transportation
Jim Lenhart Contech Emeritus Private Environmental / Water Resources
Kent Yu SEFT Consulting Group Emeritus Private Structural