Water Quality Modeling Workshops

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Water Quality Modeling Workshops

CE-QUAL W-2 Modeling Workshop

CE-QUAL-W2 is a longitudinal/vertical, unsteady hydrodynamic and water quality model, which has been successfully applied in numerous applications, ranging from steeply sloping rivers to deep reservoirs and narrow estuaries. This popular workshop provides a thorough review of the background of the model’s water quality, hydrodynamic, and numerical algorithms; computer laboratory sessions for setting up and running the model; and a day where case studies of CE-QUAL-W2 applications will be presented. The workshop is designed for biologists, hydrologists; geologists; engineers; chemists; city, state, and federal regulators; site planners and project managers; compliance/regulatory program managers for industry; and technical experts.

The next workshop will be held virtually from Jun 14 - Jun 18, 2021.

1-D Water Quality Modeling with HEC-RAS Workshop

This workshop will provide attendees with the knowledge to effectively utilize the latest HEC-RAS software to perform one-dimensional river water quality modeling and analysis. Attendees will learn to use HEC-RAS to set up, calibrate, and validate a river water quality model and perform an analysis of water temperature, general constituents, nutrients, and eutrophication. Topics include: overview of HEC-RAS software; river hydraulics and unsteady flow modeling; transport and water quality modules in HEC-RAS; water quality user interface, water quality model data requirements and inputs; setting up a water quality model for simulating water temperature, general constituents, and nutrients; water quality model calibration and sensitivity analysis.

The next workshop will be held in summer 2021, exact dates TBD.