CEE Honors Program

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Honors Program

The Civil and Environmental Engineering Honors Program gives highly motivated engineering students the chance to develop undergraduate degree programs that reflect their particular interests – many of these students go on to graduate school. Working closely with a CEE faculty advisor, Honors Program students choose a research area and complete an Honors thesis, usually during their senior year.

Honors Program Admission Requirements:

  • Completion of CEE Honors Program application form
  • Completion of a minimum of 90 credit hours; 
  • Completion of courses required for admission to the BSCE or BSENVE Program; 
  • Minimum PSU GPA of 3.5.

Interested students should apply by Spring quarter of the junior year but no later than the beginning of their senior year. 

Upon acceptance into the Honors Program, the student will declare one of the following areas of interest within CEE for his/her research topic: Environmental/Water Resources, Geotechnical, Structural, or Transportation. The CEE Chair, in consultation with faculty, will assign the student an Honors advisor. The advisor will work with the student to complete a written proposal for the Honors thesis research. Honors theses will follow ASCE document guidelines for style and formatting. CEE students who meet Honors Program requirements will graduate with Honors and will receive special recognition on their diploma.

Honors Program Graduation Requirements

  • Completion of a written honors thesis in conjunction with a faculty advisor with a minimum grade of B+; 
  • Presentation of research to CEE faculty/students in seminar format; 
  • PSU GPA above 3.5.
  • To earn Department Honors on your diploma, you must return the CEE Department Honors Thesis Approval Form to the CEE Department when your thesis is complete.
    • Alert the CEE Department in your last term, so that Department Honors can be noted on your diploma.
  • Students will upload their thesis to PDXScholar once the final report is approved by the Honors Advisor.

Note: The Honors thesis will count as a BSCE or BSENVE elective in the senior year: CE 403, Honors Thesis, 4 credit hours.