Course Planning & Registration

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Course Planning & Registration

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Whether you're planning out a future BS in Civil or Environmental Engineering, doublechecking your progress in our program, or just not sure what your options are, CEE is here to help! We provide a number of course planning tools to help pave your path to a degree, as well as answers to common registration issues. 

Undergraduate Course Planning

We provide sample 4 year course plans to prospective students, as well as assigned course plans to Upper Division students. Once admitted to the Upper Division, students are sorted into a Track with a restricted course plan they are required to follow; this allows us to maintain healthy class sizes and guarantee that students can finish all required courses in 2 years of full time study. Students can also meet with an advisor to discuss course planning and scheduling needs.

Modified Course Plans

Occasionally, students need a modified course plan to complete the degree in a part-time or accelerated capacity, or to accommodate enrollment in the CECOP internship program. There are many variations on how classes can fit in such a modified course plan, and students should meet with an advisor to map out the appropriate path for their situation.

Graduate Course Planning

With the help of their advisors, Master's and PhD students create their own course plans based on their specialty and the core requirements of their program. Students are required to file regular progress review forms throughout their program to ensure they are on track to graduate. Please see the Graduate Advising site for more information about graduate course planning, by arrangement credit, and degree requirements.