Hebrew (Modern)

olives in a market in Israel

The Greatest Experiment in Linguistics

Modern Hebrew is a unique language in the sense that it was a dead language between the second and twentieth centuries but is currently the first language of seven million speakers. Thus, to study Hebrew is to study the greatest experiment in linguistics. Modern Hebrew is also a gateway to older languages such as Biblical Hebrew and Rabbinical Hebrew. 


We offer a Minor in Modern Hebrew and Hebrew courses are included as part of the Judaic Studies Major and Minor. Three years of Hebrew (HEB) courses may be included in the Judaic Studies minor, and three years are required in the Judaic Studies major.


Students can also fulfill their Bachelor of Arts (BA), or Master of Arts (MA) second language requirement in Modern Hebrew.


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PSU's Education Abroad offers study abroad programs in Israel.

olives in a market in Israel

Modern Hebrew Minor

We offer a Minor in Modern Hebrew.

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Judaic Studies Major/Minor

We offer a Bachelor of Arts and Minor in Judaic Studies.