Advising & Placement: German

Request Faculty Advisor

Please complete the Advisor Request Form to request faculty advising in your language. Once you submit the form, you will be matched with a language advisor and notified via email from

Take Placement Test

If you have previously taken German, we recommend you take the WebCAPE test to help determine your level of German proficiency.

The table below will help you choose the appropriate class based on your WebCAPE score. 

WebCAPE Score Course Recommendation
Below 250 First Year (GR 101/102/103)
250 - 400 Second Year (GR 201/202/203)
Above 400 Third Year or higher

These recommendations are not absolute. If you have had previous exposure to German, whether in the classroom or informally, consider such factors as the quality of the instruction, how long it took you to get where you are in the language, your career and life plans, and other demands on your time and attention.

Since the first- and second-year German courses place much emphasis on communicative skills, especially in speaking, you may benefit from an individual assessment of your speaking and writing skills. We offer other assessments, including a writing assessment based on a communicative task and evaluated by the German staff and a speaking assessment based on face-to-face conversation and evaluation by the German staff. Contact Dr. Kathie Godfrey at for assistance.