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Master your language skills and build cultural knowledge. Enhance your career options or become a language professional. We have PSU and faculty-led Education Abroad and Global Internships. You can do your Capstone in Spanish in PDX. 

Degree Programs

We offer a Bachelor of Arts and Minor in Spanish, a Master of Arts in Spanish, and a Master of Arts in World Languages and Literatures with a secondary language concentration in Spanish. We also offer a Certificate in Intercultural Competence for the Workplace and a Certificate in Pedagogy in World Languages.


Students can also fulfill their Bachelor of Arts (BA), or Master of Arts (MA) second language requirement in Spanish.

Heritage Spanish

Enrich your language skills with an instructor who targets key areas of development specifically for heritage speakers of Spanish. Study among others developing their voice on the same borderlands between English and Spanish. Heritage Spanish  courses are designed for students who grew up in an environment where the language was spoken frequently (who have had contact with it at home), and who want to improve their reading, writing, and conversation skills. Learn more about Spanish for Native and Heritage Speakers. Take the Heritage Spanish placement exam. Learn more about the Heritage Spanish Literary Contest.

Heritage Spanish Literary Contest


Connect with an academic advisorfaculty advisor, or take a Spanish placement test.


PSU's Education Abroad offers more than 200 programs in 90 countries. There are many opportunities for study abroad in Spanish speaking countries. The Spanish section encourages Spanish majors and minors to take part in these valuable learning opportunities. Students who wish to fulfill major or minor requirements abroad should meet with the Spanish adviser prior to traveling. The Spanish section strongly advises majors to delay fulfilling the electives requirements until after studying abroad. Additionally, students are advised to find a program offering courses that study Spanish language, literature, and culture. Not all courses taught in Spanish will count toward the Spanish major (e.g. Biology taught in Spanish does not count toward a Spanish major just as Biology taught in English does not count toward an English major). One Spanish major requirement that may not be fulfilled abroad is the 8 credits numbered higher than 410. Those credits must be completed at PSU.


Students interested in completing an internship through Education Abroad in a Spanish speaking country are eligible to earn up to 4 credits of Spanish 404. If the student earns this credit for a grade of P/NP, it will be arranged through the Education Abroad department. Note that courses graded P/NP cannot be applied to the major or minor; all major and minor courses must have a grade of "C" or higher.  Students wishing to earn a letter grade must make arrangements in advance with the head of the Spanish section. Check with your adviser or the WLL office for contact information.

Bilingual Education Capstone

¡Un capstone nuevo en español!

  • Do you like working with children?
  • Have you had at least two years of college-level Spanish?
  • Would you like to use your Spanish in the community?
  • Would you like to be part of the development of a Spanish Curriculum Archive?

If you answered Yes! to all these questions, then this capstone is for you. It centers on two community-service components. First, students will volunteer as tutors/classroom aides in the bilingual Spanish/English dual immersion program at Barnes Elementary School in the Beaverton School District and César Chávez School in the Portland Public Schools. A course requirement will be preparation of two activities (one per term) for inclusion in a website which will serve as a repository of interactive activities in Spanish. This website, which will serve as a resource for teachers in PPS, constitutes the second community-service component of the capstone.

For more information contact: Shayna Snyder