Advising & Placement: Arabic

Request Faculty Advisor

Please complete the Advisor Request Form to request faculty advising in your language. Once you submit the form, you will be matched with a language advisor and notified via email from

Take Placement Test

If you have previously taken Arabic, we recommend you take the Arabic Placement Test to help determine your level of Arabic proficiency. If you speak the language but cannot read or write Arabic, you need to begin in Arabic 101 in order to learn the script.

The table below will help you understand your level based on your Placement Test score.

Web Score Course Recommendation
0-20 First Year
18-30 Second Year
25-40 Advanced Second Year - Low Third Year
35-50 Third Year
45-55 Fourth Year or Above

Schedule Placement Follow-Up

Your test score does not determine your final placement. You need to complete a short speaking/writing evaluation with a member of the Arabic faculty before you can begin attending Arabic classes. Contact an Arabic faculty member to schedule a follow up on your placement test. 

When you contact an Arabic advisor, list your placement test score, PSU ID number and what your background is in Arabic, including the following information:

a) Where and when you studied Arabic

b) For how long

c) Whether or not you speak a particular dialect

d) Whether or not you read and write Standard Arabic (Fusha)