Advising & Placement: Spanish

Request Faculty Advisor

Please complete the Advisor Request Form to request faculty advising in your language. Once you submit the form, you will be matched with a language advisor and notified via email from

Take Placement Test (Non-Native and Non-Heritage Speakers)

We recommend you take the WebCAPE test to help determine your level of Spanish proficiency. If you’ve recently taken a Spanish course, continue with the next course in the sequence. If some time has passed since your last class or you have experience learning in a different setting (e.g. at work or living abroad), you may wish to take the placement test. The placement test will only place students into 101, 102, 103, 201, 202, or 203. If your score is higher than 450 points, you are ready for 300-level coursework. 

The table below will help you choose the appropriate class based on your WebCAPE score. This is an online test used to determine which 100 or 200 level Spanish class a student should take. Students scoring higher than level 203 will not be placed into a level (they should consider taking the CLEP for credit and then take 300-level courses).

WebCAPE Score Course Recommendation
0-175 First Year (SPAN 101)
176-225 First Year (SPAN 102)
226-275 First Year (SPAN 103)
276-325 Second Year (SPAN 201)
326-375 Second Year (SPAN 202)
376-450 Second Year (SPAN 203)
Above 450 Third Year

If you score above 450, make an appointment with Senior Instructor Ines Warnock to discuss your options. Include your WebCAPE score and PSU ID number in the appointment notes.

Take Placement Test (Native and Heritage Speakers)

If you are an advanced native speaker who graduated from high school (or higher) in a Spanish-speaking country, take the Heritage Spanish Placement Test. Once you have your score, consult with Instructor Melissa Patino-Vega at for placement prior to registering for classes. Include your PSU Student ID number and Heritage Spanish test score.

An individual who has not graduated from high school (or higher) in a Spanish-speaking country is regarded as a heritage speaker. Spanish language courses specifically designed for heritage speakers are offered as 201/301H, 202/302H, and 203/303H. Students must contact the instructor prior to registering. 

Proficiency Tests

To test out of first- or second-year Spanish take the CLEP test if you are an undergraduate student, and take either the CLEP or the GSFLT if you are a graduate student. The Spanish department does not offer exams for testing out of third year.

  • CLEP: Students may earn 12 credits of first or second year Spanish by taking and passing this exam, which is administered in the testing center. Contact the testing center for the current price and scheduling.
  • GSFLT: For graduate students only. This test is used for students of graduate programs with a second language requirement. A student may take this test if s/he already has 203 level proficiency and wishes to meet the requirement by exam rather than taking coursework. This test is administered in the Department of World Languages and Literatures.