How to Apply

Applications and related information below are for the Master of Arts (MA) in German, Japanese, and Spanish and the Master of Arts (MA) in World Languages and Literatures.

The admission process will be delayed if you submit incomplete applications. Admission to graduate study is granted on the basis of evidence of suitable preparation and the probability of success in the intended field of study.

If you do not register for the term to which you are admitted, your admission will be automatically cancelled unless you notify Graduate Admissions and the World Languages and Literatures Department of your intent to change the date of enrollment. Notification must be given prior to the term for which you are admitted. Failure to supply complete and accurate information will subject you to the University's policies governing academic dishonesty.

Admission Requirements

Applicants for admission must meet the University admissions requirements as well as the following departmental requirements:

Master of Arts in World Language

  1. A Bachelor of Arts degree or its equivalent in the major language, with a minimum GPA of 3.00 in all coursework.
  2. Oral and written proficiency: Advanced High on the ACTFL scale in German, and Spanish; Advanced Low in Japanese.

Master of Arts in World Languages and Literatures

  1. In the primary language:
    • Bachelor of Arts in the language with a 3.00 GPA in the literature courses, or its equivalent as determined by the Department;
    • Oral and written proficiency: Advanced High on ACTFL scale
  2. In the secondary language: demonstration of third-year proficiency

How to Apply

  • Follow the graduate admissions steps to apply to PSU and complete the PSU Application for Graduate Admission.
  • Along with your application you must submit the following:
    • One transcript for each post-secondary institution attended
    • Two letters of recommendation from individuals with whom you have studied or who know your work
    • Written statement detailing your background and indicating goal and reasons for selecting this field as a future profession
    • A writing sample from your most recent coursework in the language(s) for which you are applying
    • All supporting documents (described above) can be uploaded through your online application

Contact Graduate Admissions for questions information about the application process and login in to your application portal to view the status of your application


All programs have rolling admission deadlines and admit fall, winter, and spring terms. However, to be considered for a Graduate Teaching Assistantship, you must apply for fall term admission and applications are due by April 1. Contact the Department of World Languages and Literatures Graduate Coordinator at for details.

Graduate Assistantship in Teaching

Graduate Assistantships in World Languages and Literatures provide professional teaching experience as well as financial support for qualified students regularly admitted to PSU graduate programs.

If you are applying to one of our department's MA programs, you may indicate your interest in a GTAship on the online application. If you are not admitted to an MA program in the Department of World Languages and Literatures, please email to inquire about the availability of GTAships for non-WLL students.