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Courses in Turkish

Tur 101, 102, 103 First-year Turkish (4,4,4)
Introduction to Turkish. Emphasis on elements of grammar, vocabulary building, and conversation. Elementary reading.

Tur 199 Special Studies (Credit to be arranged.)

Tur 201, 202, 203 Second-year Turkish (4,4,4)
Intensive review of materials introduced in first-year course and further development of communicative skill and reading comprehension. Elementary writing.
Recommended prerequisite: Tur 103.

Tur 299 Special Studies (Credit to be arranged.)

*Tur 301, 302, 303 Third-year Turkish (4,4,4)
Composition, conversation, readings in literature, and grammar review.
Recommended prerequisite: Tur 203.

*Tur 330 U Topics in Turkish Culture and Literature (4)
Development of Turkish life, thought, and arts from the late-Ottoman to contemporary period. Topics may include Westernization, emergence of journalism, influence of the French revolution, national literature, urbanization, “guest workers” in Europe, feminist revival, Marxism, Islamism, and popular culture. Conducted in English. This course may be taken twice for credit with different topics.

*Tur 331 U Women and Gender in Turkey (4)
Explores construction of gender, women’s roles and issues through modern Turkish literature and culture. Conducted in English.

*Tur 341 U Turkish Literature in Translation (4)
Study of texts representative of major Turkish authors, themes or genres from the modern period in translation. Examples are modern drama, realism, autobiography, contemporary novel. Conducted in English.

*Tur 361 U Turkey Through Film (4)
Viewing of feature films or made-for-TV series followed by discussion of social, historical, and artistic significance of the visual narratives. Individual directors like Yilmaz Güney, genres like comedy and period-dramas of the 1970s or 1960s may be used. Films have subtitles. Readings, viewings and discussions are in English.

Tur 399 Special Studies (Credit to be arranged.)

Tur 401 Research (Credit to be arranged.)

Tur 404 Cooperative Education/Internship (Credit to be arranged.)

Tur 410 Selected Topics (Credit to be arranged.)

*Tur 416 Readings in Turkish (2)
A variable-content course designed to give advanced students of Turkish experience reading in a variety of content areas. To be taken in conjunction with regularly scheduled co-requisite courses. Students taking a co-requisite course will do part of the required reading for that course in Turkish. Recommended prerequisite: Tur 341.

(*)Indicates courses not taught every year.