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Courses in Latin

Lat 101, 102, 103 First-year Latin (4,4,4)
An introduction to elementary Latin. Emphasis on the elements of grammar, vocabulary building, and elementary readings.

Lat 199 Special Studies(Credit to be arranged.)

Lat 201, 202, 203 Second-year Latin (4,4,4)
Intensive review of basic materials introduced in first-year program and further development of reading skills.
Recommended Prerequisite: Lat 103.

Lat 299 Special Studies (Credit to be arranged.)

Lat 301, 302, 303 Third-year Latin (2,2,2)
Survey of classical Latin syntax; extensive practice in prose composition; close study of poetic techniques.
Recommended Prerequisite: Lat 203.
[Not taught every year.]

Lat 330 Roman Culture (4)
A survey of daily life in ancient Rome, including Roman families, religious practices, entertainment, political life, arts and architecture. Conducted in English.
[Not taught every year.]

Lat 331 Early Medieval Civilization (4)
A survey of early medieval civilization concentrating on daily life, the church, the state, and arts and letters. Conducted in English.
[Not taught every year.]

Lat 341 Roman Literature in Translation (4)
A survey of Roman literature from the Republic through the Empire, including readings in Virgil, Plautus, Ovid, Cicero, and Catullus. Conducted in English.
[Not taught every year.]

Lat 399 Special Studies (Credit to be arranged.)

Lat 401 Research (Credit to be arranged.)

Lat 404 Cooperative Education/Internship (Credit to be arranged.)

Lat 407 Seminar (Credit to be arranged.) Consent of instructor.

Lat 410 Selected Topics (Credit to be arranged.)