Internships and Scholarships

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Internships and Scholarships

Internship Opportunities

  • Civil Engineering Cooperative Program (CECOP) is a cooperative industrial program designed to team up students with business and industry. The five-year undergraduate program includes two six-month paid internships.
  • Engineering Work Experience (EWX) - Engineering Work Experience (EWX) is a structured internship program for undergraduate students in Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE), Mechanical Engineering (MME) and Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE) managed by MCECS.

Academic Credit for Internships

An internship is a wonderful way to augment classroom learning with real-world experience. Students can be hired for part-time or full-time internships spanning one or more quarters, gaining hands-on engineering experience and exploring their academic and professional goals.


  • Current and prospective students can apply for scholarships using the PSU Scholarship Application. The application is due February 1st for both undergraduate students and graduate students.


  • Additional scholarship information for graduate students can be found on the Scholarships and Awards page maintained by the Office of Graduate Studies.

Career Support

Visit the Maseeh College Career Services site for upcoming career workshops, internships, networking opportunities, and more!