Jonah Eleweke

Asst. Prof of American Sign Langauge

Dr. Eleweke holds Ph.Ds. in Educational Psychology and Special from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada and in Audiology and Deaf Education from the University of Manchester, England.

Dr. Eleweke coordinates the ASL and Deaf Culture Program. Prof. Eleweke has extensive experience teaching and coordinating courses in special education, research methods, deafness including Deaf culture and American Sign Language at Universities in Jos, Nigeria; Edmonton, Canada; Indiana, Virginia, and Texas.

Dr. Eleweke’s research interests center on various issues in second language teaching and learning and in special education such as practices for effective inclusion, the impact of policies and laws on service provision, supporting families of young children with special needs, access to services by people of color with special needs, and the challenges of providing meaningful services for people with disabilities in developing countries. He maintains active research and publication agenda in these areas and has published extensively in many reputable Journals in the field and authored numerous book chapters. Currently, he’s working on book on Deaf Culture.