Jon Holt - Japanese

Jon Holt - Japanese


Jon Holt, Ph.D.  
Associate Professor of Japanese Literature

Dr. Holt received his Ph.D. in Japanese Literature from the University of Washington.  His research interests include modern Japanese poetry and children’s literature.  He wrote his dissertation on the works of Miyazawa Kenji, arguably one of the most important figures in modern Japanese literature.  At PSU, Dr. Holt teaches Japanese literature and film as well as upper-division Japanese language courses.  His secondary research interests include manga and Japanese Buddhism.


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Holt, Jon.  “Peaceful Warrior-Demons in Japan: from Empress Kōmyō’s Red Repentant Asura to Miyazawa Kenji’s Melancholic Blue Asura,” in Living in Peace: Insights from Buddhism, Honolulu: Blue Pine Books, 2013. 111-142.


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