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Advising and Placement in World Languages

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 Advising For WLL Majors and Minors

The Department of World Languages and Literatures offers undergraduate majors in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. It also offers undergraduate minors in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Mondern Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Persian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Classical Studies, and a Certificate of Advanced Proficiency in Russian and Certificate in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language. It also participates in the Secondary Education Program. The Department offers the following graduate degrees: Master of Arts in World Language and Master of Arts in World Languages and Literatures.

For advising in your field, please:

-- fill in and submit this Advising Request Form for Majors and Minors

All WLL Advisers provide advising to students on their major as well as the university’s general education (BA & UNST) requirements.
Faculty Adviser e-mails:

Dr. Hanoosh:
Dr. Sbait:

Dr. Pease:
Dr. Wadley:

Classical Studies
Dr. Cosgriff (Ancient Greek):
Prof. Nidever (Latin):

Dr. Dolidon:
Dr. Greco:
Dr. Perlmutter:
Dr. Walton:

Dr. Fuller:
Dr. Menke: 
Dr. Collenberg-Gonzalez:  

Dr. Boero:

Dr. Holt:
Dr. Kominz:
Dr. Watanabe:

Dr. Sedighi:

Dr. Comer:
Dr. Friedberg:
Dr. de Oliveira:

Prof. Snyder:

Dr. Basci:

Certificate in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language: 

Dr. Watanabe:

Certificate of Advanced Proficiency in Russian:
Dr. Comer:

Secondary Education:
For French - Dr. Walton:,
For Japanese - Dr. Watanabe:,
For Russian - Dr. Comer:,
For Spanish - Dr. Sanders:
World Languages Adviser
Prof. Snyder:
All other language programs are advised by the departmental adviser (Department Chair, Associate Chair, Spanish Adviser, World Language Adviser) and faculty overseeing the language section.

For CLAS general advising: Tony Lewis (503) 725-3822. SMSU M 305

For more information on advising, contact the departmental office at (503)725-3522 or write to