Deutsche Sommerschule am Pazifik

The regular program of the 2020 Deutsche Sommerschule am Pazifik has been cancelled this summer due to COVID-19. Currently, we have scheduled  two courses to be taught online from June 22-July 19. Other online courses may be made available.

Photo of Deutsche Sommerschule participants

Welcome to the Deutsche Sommerschule am Pazifik 2020

The Deutsche Sommerschule am Pazifik, located in Portland, Oregon, is a German summer school offered through Portland State University. It is one of the nation's premier German immersion programs and offers a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate courses, a German MA program, and a one-week German teacher training seminar. We encourage you to explore this unique opportunity to learn German in a relaxed and enjoyable immersion setting!

5-week total immersion program — 12 credits
June 24 – July 30

One-week Teacher Training
July 22 - July 30