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Courses in Italian

IT 101,102,103 First-year Italian (4,4,4)

An introduction to elementary Italian. Emphasis on listening comprehension and oral practice, the elements of grammar, vocabulary building, and elementary readings.

IT 199 Special Studies (Credit to be arranged)

IT 201, 202, 203 Second-year Italian (4,4,4)
Intensive review of basic materials introduced in the first-year program and further development of communication skills.
Prerequisite: It 103.

IT 299 Special Studies (Credit to be arranged)

IT 301, 302 Third-year Italian (4,4)
Composition and conversation at the intermediate level.
Prerequisite: It 203.
[Not taught every year.]

IT 399 Special Studies (Credit to be arranged)

IT 404 Cooperative Education/Internship (Credit to be arranged)

IT 409 Practicum (Credit to be arranged)

IT 410 Selected Topics (Credit to be arranged)