Courses in American Sign Language

ASL 101, 102, 103
First Year American Sign Language (4,4,4)
Basic mastery of American Sign Language (ASL). Covers ASL vocabulary, grammatical structure, and elements of Deaf culture. Includes sign language practice in class and in the Deaf community.

Expected preparation: ASL 101 for ASL 102, ASL 102 for ASL 103.

ASL 201, 202, 203
Second Year American Sign Language (4,4,4)
Expansion and refinement of first-year comprehension and production skills; expansion of grammatical and lexical repertoires through task-based instruction in transactions such as asking/giving directions, making plans, describing and identifying people, places, and things, giving simple instructions, and telling what happened.

Expected preparation: ASL 103 for ASL 201, ASL 201 for ASL 202, ASL 202 for ASL 203.