Checklist for Accepted Graduate Students

Welcome to graduate school at Portland State!

Ensure your academic experience is a success by completing this checklist after you’ve been accepted:

 Submit your official transcripts from every school you've attended. 

 Activate your PSU computer account and check your email account.

 If you are an international student, submit documentation of financial support.

 Pick up your student ID from Student Financial Services (temporarily located here).

 Find out about tuition and fees using the Cost of Attendance Estimator.

 Apply for FAFSA and (after October 1) Portland State scholarships.

Please also consider making an appointment with one of the University’s certified Personal Financial Coach to create a budget for graduate school. 

If you have applied for financial aid, you will need to check your PSU Student Account to see if additional documents are needed to process your financial aid award, accept your award, set up your refund preference with the Student Financial Services Office, and, if you’re taking out a student loan, sign a federal direct student loan Master Promissory Note or complete new borrower entrance counseling. For questions, contact Financial Aid.

 Review your health insurance options.

PSU requires that all domestic students enrolled in five in-load, non-restricted differential tuition credits or more per term maintain comprehensive health insurance to ensure that students stay healthy and in the classroom. The PSU Health Insurance Plan is major medical health insurance providing preventative, routine, and specialized health benefits and students are automatically enrolled and billed the $875 per term.

Those who have comparable outside health insurance can apply to waive the PSU Health Insurance

 Submit proof of your measles vaccination or provide an exemption. 

Oregon law requires all students submit proof of measles vaccination or provide an exemption before registering for classes.

 Enroll in classes. 

After your official transcripts have been received by PSU and your PSU account is activated, you will need to enroll for classes. Use your PSU ID to login to Banweb. Click on the Student Services tab and scroll down to click on "Registration and Class Schedule." From here, click on "Add/Drop Classes," select the term you'll be enrolling in, and enroll.

 Apply for graduate student housing in any of the University’s 9 housing buildings.

 Attend your department’s orientation.

 Meet other new students and show your school pride at Viking Days

PSU connects new students with academic, cultural, and social opportunities on campus through a series of fun events known as “Viking Days.” Get ready to meet other new students, develop friendships, connect to organizations, and have a blast!