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Space Reservation

Reservation Guidelines

A request for space is at the discretion of Campus Rec. To inquire about reserving space in the Rec Center, a
Space Reservation Form must be completed.

Campus Rec staff will review all submitted information and determine the possibility of hosting the event, tabling, meeting or practice on a case-by-case basis. All events must be directly related to the purpose of the organization or club making the reservation. Additionally, the activity performed with the event should correlate with the intended purpose of the space.

Campus Rec is dedicated to leaving time and space available for member use and can restrict the number of events that the facility will host. All groups reserving space must be associated with Portland State University and have approval from a full-time faculty or staff member.

Student Organization Reservation Policies

  • The Student Organization must be in good standing with their advising organization.
  • The reservation must be endorsed by the advisor to the student organization.
  • The activity must be inclusive, active and participatory in nature.
  • Student organizations are allowed to make reservations for a total of 4 hours a week. Three hours max at any one time.
  • Reoccurring weekly reservations doesn’t allow non-members of the Rec Center access to space.
  • Guest passes can be purchased at Member Service for members of the organization who are non-members of the Rec Center.
  • If a one-time event is intended to engage the Portland State University community, Campus Rec professional staff can discuss with the organization’s advisor about the possibility of allowing non-members of the Rec Center to enter, spectate, or participate.
  • When the student organization is provided the area free of charge, the organization is not allowed to charge for participation in the event. Fundraising exceptions will be considered with communication between the organization and Campus Rec professional staff
Organization Details
Your group's faculty/staff adviser. Write N/A if not applicable.
Write N/A if not applicable.
The name of the primary contact for this reservation.
Email address of primary contact.
Phone number of the primary contact.
When will this event occur?
What time of day will this event start?
Time of day this event will end.
Reservation Details
When does this event need to be set up?
When will this event need to be cleaned up?
Which room or space in the Rec Center are you requesting?
How many non-member will be participating?
How many tables do you need?
How many chairs do you need?