ITE-STEP Introduces 2020-21 Board Members

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ITE-STEP Introduces 2020-21 Board Members

Transportation engineering and planning students in ITE-STEP, the PSU chapter of the Institute of Transportation Engineering, are pleased to announce the new Board for the 2020-2021 academic year:


a young female-presenting blonde student smiling slightly

Julianne Chesnutt - President

Julianne Chesnutt is an undergraduate senior in the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department who plans to pursue a career in transportation engineering. Traffic safety is a topic she is very passionate about. 




A young male-presenting Black student in a grey sweater, smiling

Frank Boateng Appiah - VP of Communication

Frank is a second year masters student in the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department with a focus in transportation engineering. Frank believes that strength lies in unity and looks forward to working with fellow engineering and planning students.




a young female-presenting student with shoulder-length dark hairs smiling slightly

Lahar Santra - VP of Finance 

Lahar Santra is a third year doctoral student in the Urban Studies and Planning Department who believes in pursuing an interdisciplinary approach towards equity issues in transportation.




The new student board looks forward to helping fellow students cultivate their interest in transportation engineering and planning as they move forward into the new year.