CEE Internship Course

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Internship Course

Let Knowledge Serve the City! 

An internship is a wonderful way to augment classroom learning with real-world experience.  Depending on the internship structure, students can be hired for part-time or full-time internships spanning one or more quarters, gaining hands-on engineering experience and exploring their academic and professional goals.  The Portland area is bursting with excellent internship opportunities for civil and environmental engineering students, with positions in the private and public sectors, and for a variety of experience levels and time commitments. 

CEE internship credit program provides a mechanism for students to critically analyze aspects of their civil and environmental engineering internships. The online course includes discussions of professional situations and a final research paper on a related topic. It is important to understand that the academic credit for the course is based on the academic assignments, not the work conducted at the internship.

Internship Credit Policies

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Students may receive one internship credit per term while working at an applicable internship and that internship credit is limited to one credit per position. Presently, the PSU bulletin limits CE 401-406 credits to 4 credits total that can be applied to the BSCE or BSENVE degree. Additional credits require approval of the Department Chair. In developing their degree plan, students should consider that the CE 404 credit is displacing technical elective credit. CEE’s guidance is that students limit CE 404 internship credits to 2 credits.

Registration requires approval from the CEE Department. Students must complete the application below and register for CE 404 prior to the start of the quarter.

Applicable internships will be minimum 10 hours per week and the intern's position will involve real-world engineering duties. Multiple, identical internships are not eligible for additional credit (i.e. a student cannot receive more than 1 quarter of credit for an internship with the same firm or agency in the same position with similar job duties because the academic outcomes of the course will not be different).

Graduate Students

Graduate students will need faculty advisor approval to take CE 504 or CE 604 credits. Credit restrictions exist for each degree program, see the PSU bulletin for details. Interested students should discuss internship credits with their faculty advisor as soon as possible. If the advisor approves, the student and advisor will fill out the e-By Arrangement form.

Course Objectives

This course provides a mechanism for students to critically analyze aspects of their professional engineering internship. Students will be expected to demonstrate the ability to: 1) delineate their roles and responsibilities as an intern within their organization; 2) respond effectively to questions related to their internship experience; and 3) critically analyze their internship experience (e.g. from a professional, technical, economic, environmental, or societal context).

Apply for Internship Credit

You must submit your application no later than 1 week prior to the start of the quarter. For this application you will need:

  1. Your letter of offer or a position description outlining your roles and responsibilities (PDF);
  2. Your work schedule

The application should take no more than 10 minutes if you have these prepared and available in advance. Once you are ready, follow the link below.