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Transportation Engineering Research

About Transportation Research @ CEE

At PSU, there is an incredible energy and activity surrounding transportation research. CEE faculty participate in the campus-level research center, TREC, the Transportation Research and Education Center for Portland State University, houses the National Institute for Transportation and Communities, or NITC at National University Transportation Center funded by the USDOT. 

CEE faculty direct two key labs:

  • Transportation Technology and People Lab The TTP Lab applies advanced modeling and data analysis techniques to improve multi-modal transportation systems. The group also designed ORcycle, a smartphone app that collects bicycle route and infrastructure data for the Oregon Department of Transportation.
  • Oregon Modeling Collaborative. Oregon is a leader nationally in the development of sophisticated methods and analytical tools for transportation planning and analysis. The Oregon Modeling Collaborative (OMC) brings together experts from universities, public agencies and private consultants to support and enhance this nationally acclaimed program.


Faculty contact information is listed in the Faculty & Staff Directory. 

Kelly Clifton Professor Land use and transportation, physical activity and health, transportation policy, travel behavior, non-motorized transportation
Miguel Figliozzi Associate Professor Electric vehicles and new vehicle technologies, emissions and air quality modeling, freight and logistics, innovations in traffic and transportation management and operations, non-motorized transportation
Christopher Monsere Associate Professor Multimodal transportation safety, management and dissemination of large transportation data, improvements in transportation operations
Avinash Unnikrishnan Associate Professor Traffic assignment and planning, network equilibrium models, traffic flow operations and control, freight and logistics