Research in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Faculty in CEE are actively engaged in local, national and international research issues that affect the infrastructure of society and the environment.

Research Areas

Visit the links below to learn more about faculty research in our four specilaty areas:

Environmental and Water Resources Engineering 
Geotechnical Engineering
Structural Engineering
Transportation Engineering

Lab Safety

See the CEE Lab Safety Page for policies and procedures.

Theses, Dissertations, Project Reports, and Publications

Visit PDXScholar to read recent undergraduate honors theses, Master's theses and project reports, Ph.D. dissertations, and faculty publications.

Graduate Research Assistantship Opportunities

We encourage prospective graduate students interested in research assistantships to contact faculty to learn more about research opportunities in their areas of interest. Faculty are happy to answer any questions you might have about the program. The Department's priority funding deadline is posted on our application process page as well as more information.