CEE Course Planning & Registration

Current Course Offerings

Current Term Schedule

The current class schedules are posted on the PSU Class Schedule

Complete Course Offering List

A current list of all CEE courses (including course descriptions and number) that have been approved by the Faculty Senate is published in the PSU Bulletin

Future Course Offerings 

Future Course Offerings by Quarter

Students can find information about which terms classes are scheduled to be offered for the coming academic year on the PSU Course Planning Guide

Next Academic Term Elective Offerings

For elective planning, CEE provides a flyer that includes course descriptions for CEE technical electives for the next academic quarter.  These are published prior to the official opening of the registration period and subject to change.

Winter 2019 Civil & Environmental Elective & Graduate Courses


Registration deadlines and dates are posted on the PSU Academic Calendar.  

All CE 300-400-500-600 numbered courses require students to be admitted to the major or graduate program in order to register for the course. Some 300-400 courses are further restricted to a particular assigned track. If you are receiving a registration error and you would like the CEE Department to consider allowing you to register for a course, please complete the CEE Department Override Request form.

Transfer Course Equivalence

Transfer students can check course equivalences for classes taken at local institutions through the Transferology Course Equivalence data base.  Here are instructions for using Transferology (and no, we did not name this).

CEE Summer Bridge Program

This intensive review of lower division Civil and Environmental Engineering coursework is set up as a "bridge" to help students successfully transition from the Lower Division to the Upper Division.  It is required for some applicants to the Upper Division and available to all students starting the junior year coursework. This is a two-credit, graded course; normal tuition rates apply. Read more.