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How to Apply

Students may declare civil or environmental engineering as their major at any time after enrolling at Portland State University. However, students must be admitted formally to the BSCE or BSENVE program before they will be allowed to enroll in restricted, upper-division courses offered by the program. Applications for the BSCE and BSENVE programs are online (see links below). In addition to the Departmental online application form, students transferring from other institutions must also apply for admission to PSU and submit one copy of their transcripts to the PSU Office of Admissions.

Selective Admission – BSCE and BSENVE

To ensure the highest quality of our programs, the CEE Department has a selective admission process. This may limit the number of applicants accepted to our programs even if they meet the minimum requirements. The selective admission process for students applying to the BSCE or BSENVE Upper Division programs for Fall 2017 are  described in this document .

Application Checklist

  1. Apply to the University (unless already admitted): PSU Admissions
  2. Apply to the department: Application for BS in Civil Engineering, OR BS in Environmental Engineering.

  3. Please note: this application is only for students who have completed the majority or all of their lower division course work and are ready to start the Junior year engineering course work. This application is not for lower division students interested in applying to PSU. Please see #1 above for that information.

As part of your application you will be asked to submit transcripts from all non-PSU institutions with coursework applicable to the degree. Your application cannot be processed until all transcripts are received. If you are currently in progress at another institution, you may submit unofficial transcripts in .pdf form as part of your application, or you may send them via email to the CEE Department to 

    Once you have completed your coursework you must send copies of official transcripts to PSU. If there is no official record of your transfer course completion, you may experience registration issues that could delay access to courses and graduation. We recommend that official transcripts are give to PSU as early as possible.

    Deferring Admission

    Students who are unable to start in the fall term to which they are admitted must let the CEE Department know as soon as possible they won't be attending. Due to the selective admission process and space limitations, the CEE Department can not hold spots in future years for deferring students. Students in this situation will need to alert the CEE Department before the application deadline for the following year (April 15th) that they would like to be considered for admission for the coming fall term.  Email the Department at, and include any updated coursework information.

    Students who wish to defer from a fall term admission to winter or spring of the same year must meet with a CEE Department advisor to discuss their options.  Contact the Department to set up an appointment.

    Continuation Criteria for All Admitted Students

    After admission to the CE program, students will be expected to make satisfactory progress toward their declared degree and will be subject to the following rules:

    1. The term GPA in all courses taken at PSU must be 2.00 or higher.
    2. At the conclusion of each term of the academic year, full-time students are normally expected to complete a minimum of 9 credits applicable towards their degree program. Part-time students are expected to complete a minimum of 12 applicable credits per academic year.
    3. Students will be placed on probation when their term GPA as described in (1) is below 2.00, or their progress toward the degree is less than in (2).
    4. Students placed on probation for two consecutive terms or for a total of three terms will be suspended from the program. Students will also be suspended if not enrolled in engineering courses for three consecutive terms.

    Students denied admission or suspended must wait at least one term before reapplying.