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Admissions and New Student Programs Leadership

Brett McKinney

Director, New Student Programs

Eki Yandall

Director, Domestic Recruitment

Kanani Porotesano

Assistant Director, Campus Visits

Dave Kobzina

Assistant Director of Transfer Admissions

Bill Ryder

Director, Admissions Technology

Samuel Dunlop

Director, International Recruitment and Outreach                                    

 Tania Sanchez

Assistant Director of Multicultural Recruitment

Blythe Urutia

Assistant Director, International Admissions Processing

Christopher Skinner

Director, Admissions Operations

Emily Offerdahl

Associate Director, Marketing and Communications                                                     

Erin Jensen

Assistant Director of Admissions    












Recruitment Team

Kelly Craig

Senior Transfer Admissions Counselor

Anouksha Gardner

International Admissions Counselor

Josephine Sorensen

Admissions Counselor

Cree Dueker

Admissions Counselor, Multicultural Recruitment and Outreach

Luke Reyes White

Transfer Admissions Counselor

Marshawna Williams

Admissions Counselor, Multicultural Recruitment and Outreach

Karen Hanson

Senior International Admissions Counselor

Sarah Seeborg

Admissions Counselor












New Student Programs

Blake Red Elk

Orientation and New Student Programs Coordinator

Natali Pardo

Commencement and Campus Visits Coordinator

Torin Braaten

Events and Logistics Coordinator