Required Financial Documentation for International Students

In order to obtain an I-20 or DS-2019, all international applicants who plan to have F-1 or J-1 student visas are required to submit documentation of adequate financial support for at least the first year of study. Costs are outlined below.

Tuition, Fees and Estimated Living Expenses: International Students (PDF) 2018-19 Academic Year 

The expenses listed below are estimated for the nine-month academic year only. Students who plan to remain in the United States during summer term should plan to have an additional $5,080 available for living expenses.

U.S. immigration regulations require undergraduate international students to complete a minimum of 12 credits per
quarter. Many undergraduate students take more credits than are required. The cost for each additional credit ranges from $570-$617 depending on the department to which a student is admitted. Students are responsible for checking with departments about full-time enrollment requirements and departmental tuition and fee charges which may exceed these estimates.

Sponsored students are charged an additional $150/quarter for the additional services sponsoring organizations require. The sponsoring organizations generally pay this fee.

Tuition for 12 credits per term $21,204 3 quarters (9 months) at $7,068 per quarter
Fees + Health Insurance for 12 credits per term $4,095 3 quarters (9 months) at $1,365 per quarter
Living Expenses $16,437 Refer to cost of living breakdown below
Esimated cost for 9 months $41,736 Undergraduate and Posbaccalaureate

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Health Insurance

Health Insurance is $875 per quarter. Students are required to pay for health insurance in Fall, Winter and Spring when registered for 1 or more credits. While continuing students don’t pay in summer, health insurance is valid in summer quarter. Students whose first term of enrollment is summer must pay for health insurance in summer. Some students may be eligible to waive health insurance charges. More Information:

Estimated Living Expenses




$697 per month for 9 months

Food $3,870 $489 per month for 9 months


$1,500 per quarter for 3 quarters


$421 per quarter for 3 quarters


Estimated Living Expenses for 9 months

* Add $1320 per month for a spouse; add $649 per month for each child.

Tuition, fees and estimated living expenses increase each year. The amounts reflected above are specifically for the 2018-19 academic year. Departments may charge different levels of tuition. Please check with your department before you arrive to be sure you are aware of what your actual expenses may be. While immigration regulations ask you to have the above amount available for each year of study at Portland State, your actual expenses may be more than our estimates depending on what you study and the number of credits in which you enroll.

Required Bank & Financial Documentation for I-20 Issuance

Portland State University needs several bank documents to issue I-20s. This list gives examples of what we need to issue one. Please remember, we cannot issue an I-20 until you are admitted to Portland State University. If you have not yet been admitted, please make sure you have given us everything we need for your application.

  • A bank statement or bank letter showing funds for one year of study;
  • The bank letter must show the type of account;
  • We can only use bank letters for checking or savings accounts. 

The bank statement must have the following information:

  • the name of the bank;
  • the office (branch) where the statement was issued;
  • specific contact information for the bank branch;
  • the name of the account holder;
  • the type of account (must be checking or savings account);
  • amount in the account, and
  • date the letter was written

We cannot use:

  • investment accounts
  • retirement accounts
  • statements of income
  • certificates of deposit that will not mature before you begin at PSU
  • capability statements
  • solvency statements
  • fixed deposits
  • educational loans
  • real estate holdings
  • estimated value of assets like gold, silver
  • precious metals like gold or silver

To see how much your bank letter must show, please review  Tuition, Fees and Estimated Living Expenses: International Students (PDF) 2018-19 Academic Year

If you will not use your own money to study, you must also give us an affidavit of support from each of your sponsors.