Required Financial Documentation for International Students

United States government regulations require all international students wishing to obtain a student visa (either F-1 or J-1) to provide their respective educational institutions with evidence of adequate financial support for at least their first year of study. The visa officer at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate may require that you show proof of financial support for your entire degree program. Check with the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your country for exact requirements. No matter how long you plan to stay at Portland State, you are required to show financial documentation for at least one year of study. Review the How to Apply for a Student Visa instructions for the list of materials and documentation you are required to provide.

PSU cannot issue an I-20 without sufficient financial documentation.

Total Estimated Cost

U.S. immigration regulations require undergraduate international students to complete a minimum of 12 credits per quarter. Many undergraduate students take more credits than are required. The cost for each additional credit ranges from $608-$659 depending on the department to which a student is admitted. Students are responsible for checking with departments about full-time enrollment requirements and departmental tuition and fee charges which may exceed these estimates. The expenses below are estimated for the academic year only. Students who plan to remain in the United States during summer quarter should plan to have an additional $5,325 available for living expenses.

Tuition, fees, and estimated living expenses increase each year. The amounts below are specifically for the 2020-2021 academic year. Departments may charge different levels of tuition. Check with your department before you arrive to be sure you are aware of what your actual expenses may be. While immigration regulations ask you to prove that you have the above amount available for each year of study at Portland State, your actual expenses may be more than our estimates depending on what you study and the number of credits you take each quarter. Review all tuition rates. Sponsored students are charged an additional $150/quarter for the additional services sponsoring organizations require. Sponsoring organizations generally pay this fee.

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Total Estimated Costs for the 2020-2021 Academic Year

Description Period Amount
Tuition for 12 Credits per Quarter 3 quarters (9 months) at $7,404 per quarter $23,709
Fees + Health Insurance for 12 Credits per Quarter 3 quarters (9 months) at $1,410 per quarter  $4,551
Living Expenses Refer to annual cost of living breakdown below $17,175
Total Estimated Cost of 9 Months   $45,435

Health Insurance

Health insurance is required for international students in the state of Oregon. Students are required to pay $935 for health insurance in fall, winter and spring when registered for one or more credits. While continuing students don’t pay in summer, health insurance is valid in summer quarter.

Student whose first quarter of enrollment is summer must pay $713 for health insurance for that quarter.

Some students may be eligible to waive health insurance charges.


Estimated Living Expenses

Description Amount/Time Period Time Period Cost
Rent $775/month 9 months $6,975
Food $500/month 9 months $4,500
Personal $1,500/quarter 3 quarters $4,500
Books $400/quarter 3 quarters $1,200
Total Estimated Living Expenses for 9 Months     $17,175

Dependents: A student whose spouse will accompany them as an F-2 dependent should plan to have an additional $6750 for the nine-month academic year ($750/month). For each child accompanying as an F-2 dependent, an additional $5,400 ($600/month) should be available.