Instant Viking

Thank you for participating in the Instant Viking program! To assist in a successful event please review the information below. Contact admissions with any questions regarding the event. To participate in a successful Instant Viking follow these steps prior to the event:

  1. Review the PSU Admissions Requirements. To receive on-site admissions decisions all students participating in the event must meet these requirements.

  2. Students must complete the PSU application prior to the event. Students unable to complete an online application may bring a completed paper application to the event. 

  3. Promote your event to your students through Naviance, announcements, schools newspaper and student interactions.

What To Expect: During the meetings with students, the Admissions Counselors will conduct 10 minute individual meetings with students to review official transcripts, discuss next steps, and award the student with an Instant Viking certificate. Afterwards the student will have the opportunity to take their photo to celebrate their admission to PSU.  

After The Event: Please encourage your students to complete the PSU Scholarship Application prior to the February 1st deadline. Send their SAT or ACT scores to PSU (if the scores are not included on the transcript) and final transcripts sent in a sealed envelope to PSU.

Questions? Contact Your Admissions Counselor