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Move Out

Moving out of University Housing requires several steps which you must follow in order to avoid financial penalties. If you have questions about any step in the process, please contact the Housing Office at or 503-725-4375.

Steps to Move Out

  1. If you are planning to Move Out prior to end of your contract, you must first request a contract cancellation in the Housing Office. Depending on the circumstances, you may incur charges for leaving early. Deadlines apply, so carefully read the Terms & Conditions of your contract.
  2.  Either sign up for a Walk-Through or plan to complete an Express Check-Out. 
    1. Express Check-Out:  Express check-outs are a good option for residents who are unsure about the date or time they plan to move out, and need extra flexibility.  If you choose to complete an Express Check Out, you will return your keys to the Montgomery Service Desk (between 9am-midnight) or the Housing Office (midnight-9am).  Staff will complete a walk-through of your room after you have moved out, and you will be unable to appeal any charges for damages or cleaning in your room. 

    2. Walk-Through:  Walk-Throughs are a good option for residents who believe there may be cleaning or damage charges in their room, and/or know when they plan to have their room cleaned and belongings moved out.  Residents must have their belongings out of the room before a walk-through can be completed.  During weeks 1-9 of each term, you can ask your RA to schedule a walk- through.  You will agree on a time/date to meet with your RA, and they will provide an assessment of possible charges based of the condition of the room while you are present.  If you are moving out during week 10 or finals week, you will sign up for a walk-through at the Montgomery Area Desk.

  3. Thoroughly clean your room and remove all garbage and personal belongings. You may not leave items behind to pick up later or for the next occupant to use. Anything remaining in the room will incur charges for removal.
  4. Check out of your room either through an Express Check-Out or a Walk-Through (see step 2).  After you check out University Housing staff will evaluate the condition of your room and charge any applicable fees to your student account, including the cost of repairing any damage not recorded on the Room Condition Report at check-in and cleaning or repair costs for damages exceeding normal wear and tear.
  5.  Return your keys to the Montgomery Service Desk immediately following your check-out.  If the Montgomery Desk is closed there is a dropbox at the University Housing Office at 210 Broadway.   If have lost any keys, please notify the Montgomery Desk as soon as possible rather than waiting for your check out.