Students can request a Room Transfer or Room Swap during Weeks 2 - 8 of Fall and Winter Term by completing paperwork in the University Housing & Residence Life Office in Broadway 210. Room change requests will not be accommodated until there are no longer students on the waitlist. Additionally, we do not offer room changes during the first week and last three weeks of Fall and Winter Terms, all of Spring Term and Summer Term, or the breaks between terms except in cases of emergency or safety.

Room Swaps are available to all residents and are the quickest method of obtaining a new unit. This process requires the student to identify a resident who is willing to “swap” or trade rooms with them and getting any involved roommates to agree. 

Room Transfers for First Year Experiences students are only available when the resident has identified a new FYE roommate who has an open space in their unit, and the two request to live together.  Room Transfers may be requested by Upperclassmen and Graduate students with or without an identified roommate or available space.   

Transfer assignments will be made in the order in which requests are received and will depend on availability. If you choose to decline the first unit offered to you, you will receive another offer when a room becomes available. If you decline both offers, your request will be cancelled.

In the case of both Room Swaps and Room Transfers, UHRL will email the resident with transfer assignment details and the timeline to move from your current room to your new room. Failure to confirm the transfer notice may result in the offer being cancelled. Students who do not complete the Room Swap or Transfer by the dates indicated in their transfer notice may be charged improper check-out and lock change fees.

All Room Swaps and Transfers must be approved by the UHRL Student Services Office before a student can start moving. Moving without UHRL approval may result in additional fees.