Welcome to Portland!

Finding housing is a concern for many international students who are new to the Portland, Oregon area. One of the best places to begin your housing search is by taking a look at PSU’s on campus housing options.  

Our residence hall community has great options for undergraduate and graduate students who will be studying at PSU. Our community is comprised of first year students, transfer students, current PSU students, graduate students, international students, and families. All undergraduate residents are required to be admitted to PSU and enrolled in eight PSU credits to be eligible to live on campus.  Graduate students must be admitted to a Masters or Doctoral program and enrolled in four graduate credits.  You may apply for housing regardless of the term in which you begin your study.

Important Dates

November - May 1

  • May 1 is the priority deadline to submit your housing contract.  Contracts are accepted after the priority deadline with assignments made on a space available basis. 
  • Your housing contract is for the nine month Academic Year (September through June). There are also options for winter or spring move-in.  If you would like to stay on campus for summer, you will need to submit a separate summer housing contract
  • A $50 non-refundable contract fee and a refundable $140 Spring Prepayment are due at the time of application. You will need to pay these fees to complete your application unless you are eligible for a deferral. 
  • Transfer & Graduate Students: Transfer students (students coming to PSU having already earned many college credits) and Graduate students may choose to live in any one of our eight housing buildings. You can check out each building and see which one you prefer. Each building has its own unique style and feel. There are also video tours for each unit type. View your options.
  • First Year Students (Freshmen): Incoming First Year students should explore our options especially for first year students. Here you will find the different community options. Some of the community options have a class, taken with your floormates, and some of them do not. Please read the information and decide which is best for you. You will choose a community when you sign up for housing. 


  • Housing assignments begin.  Check your email every day! You will receive notification that a room has been reserved for you (your housing assignment).
  • You must reply to that email to confirm your reservation. 
  • You may request an early move-in in the housing portal.  This opens each year in May.  The deadline to request an early move-in is August 28.  This is so that we can ensure that we have your room ready for you on the earlier timeline.  You will see the early move-in dates in the housing portal when submitting your request.


  • You will receive an email with specific information about your room, as well as contact information for your roommate if you have one. 

September 1

  • Keep your eye on your email for move-in information!