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Assignments & Waitlist


University Housing & Residence Life processes Contracts in the order they are received, by Contract type (new transfer student, new freshmen, continuing student).  Assignments for Fall term begin in April for new students. Assignments for students moving in for Winter, Spring and Summer terms generally begin 3-6 weeks before the term begins. 

When we make an assignment, we generally send the student an assignment to their PSU and personal email account.  The assignment notice will contain a response deadline, generally 3-7 days from the day the assignment notice was sent.  The student should log-in to the Housing Portal to accept or decline the assignment. Students who accept an assignment may not stay on a waitlist for a different unit.  Students who do not respond will have their contract cancelled.

The assignment notice contains important details about the move-in date and room details.  Please read it carefully. Roommate information will be sent 2-4 weeks before the term begins.

Waitlist Information

A waitlist is created when there are more contracts than available spaces. Contracts are processed in the order they are received.

Freshmen Students

When completing their contract, Freshmen students select their preferred community located in the building it is assigned. They also select their preferred occupancy (double or single).  Single units are limited and typically only available to the earliest of applicants.  

When a student is at the top of the list for a unit, we will assign that person to any unit that meets their preferred community and occupancy (ie: Work of Art, Single).  If we do not have any units that meet their preferences, then we will assign the student to a unit that meets their preferred community (ie: Work of Art, Double) if available.  If we cannot meet the community or occupancy preferences, we will assign the student to any available space in a freshmen community. 

If we do not have any available spaces, we will place students on a waitlist until we have a cancellation and can then offer the student an assignment.  When dependent on cancellations, we are unable to  accurately predict the number of cancellations we will receive, therefore cannot guarantee any timelines of when a student may get an assignment, nor can we give them their “number” on the waitlist. 

New Transfer Students

When completing a contract, transfer students select their top 2-3 room type preferences.  Transfer students can email to add preferences to their Contract.

When a student is at the top of the list for a unit, we will assign that person to any available unit that meets their room type preferences.  If we do not have any units that meet the preferences, we will skip that person and offer the available room(s) to students who do have room type preferences that match the available unit(s).

We encourage students to submit preferences for every unit type that they would accept, as this is the best way to get an assignment.  We generally have the most availability in furnished double units.

If students are placed on the waitlist, they will remain there until we have cancellations from other students.  We will make room offers through the 4th week of each term.  Generally, before each term begins, and around the 4th week of each term, we email residents and ask if they want to remain on the waitlist.  If a student does not respond in the affirmative, then we will cancel their contract and refund their $150 Advance Payment.

Due to the fact that some students are on a waitlist for many unit types, and we don’t know which students currently on the waitlist may cancel before they get an assignment, we cannot provide students with their “number” on the waitlist.

Current Students

Current residents have first priority during the Room Selection process to secure a unit for the following year.  If a student missed that opportunity, they may submit a contract online.  Contracts for current students will be processed after we have made offers to new transfer residents who submit contracts prior to May 1.  Current residents should not expect to get an assignment before July.  We generally have the most availability in furnished double units.