Major Change

Major, Minor and Certificate Changes

It is important to keep your records up-to-date in order to receive accurate information from the university. Academic advisors are also assigned based on major, so keeping this accurate is critical. To update your information, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Banweb
  2. Select the "Student Services" tab
  3. Select "Academic Program Change" from the menu
  4. Your current academic program will be displayed; to change it, select "Yes" where it says "Would you like to change this program?"
  5. You may then change the following information:
    • Degree type (if none has been selected, you will need to select the degree you plan to earn)
    • Primary major (if undecided, you must choose an exploratory pathway)
    • Secondary major (optional)
    • Primary minor (optional)
    • Secondary minor (optional)
    • Catalog year (See bottom of page. If you do not know, select the most recent and consult your advisor)
    • Anticipated graduation term
    • Pre-professional programs (e.g., pre-education, pre-law, pre-medicine)
  6. Select "Confirm program change" or go back to edit your changes

The university requires that students declare their major at 90 credits, or within their first term, if transferring in with 90 or more credits. If you have more than 90 credits, you will not be given the option to select Exploratory/Undeclared. 

Please note that graduate students must contact the Office of Graduate Studies to change their program of study.