Room Selection

You Pick First

Room Selection allows current residents (students with 2019-2020 Contracts) to select units for the upcoming 2020-2021 academic year before new incoming students. Room Selection is the only time residents pick their own unit exactly where they want it.  Choose from eight different buildings.

Residents participating in Room Selection have two options:

Additional information on this page:

Renew Your Room

Room Renewal is available for residents who want to stay continuously through Summer 2020 and the 2020-2021 academic year in the same unit. A Summer 2020 contract is required to renew for 2020-2021.

Residents who plan to live off-campus in Summer cannot renew and should select the Pick A New Room option. Some units will be closed for Summer 2020 (Broadway, Ondine, Parkway, St. Helens, Montgomery second floor, Blackstone first floor and quad units, Blumel third and fourth floor, and Epler third, fifth and sixth floors will be closed this summer). Residents in those units should select the Pick a New Room option below.

Steps to complete by February 28th at Noon:

  1. Login to the Housing Portal
  2. Complete Summer 2020 Contract
  3. Complete 2020-2021 Contract

Unfurnished units are very limited and in high demand. Residents currently living in an unfurnished unit are encouraged to renew if their building is open in summer, as selecting a new unfurnished unit may not be possible during the Room Selection process.

If a resident renews their unit and later cancels their summer contract, a new academic year assignment will be issued, typically a double furnished unit.

Pick a New Room

Current residents have priority to pick a new room before new incoming students. Selection times are assigned in two phases:

  1. The first phase selection times are for students selecting from only double furnished units.
  2. The second phase of selection times are for students selecting from all available units, including single and unfurnished units.

Within each selection phase, selection times are assigned in the order contracts are received, so it is always a good idea to submit your contract as early as possible.

Steps to be completed by February 28th at Noon:

  1. Log into the Housing Portal
  2. Complete 2020-2021 Contract

In early March, you will receive an email with your assigned selection time to pick your new unit. This email will tell you how long you have to pick your new unit. Read it carefully.

We encourage residents to research our photos, unit types & buildings to identify between two and three room types and between five and ten specific units in advance of your selection time.  This ensures that you are well prepared to pick your new room when your selection time opens in March.

When your selection time opens (between March 3-18), log into the Housing Portal and select your room.

Tips for Picking a Room

The most common mistake residents make during Room Selection is selecting a room before reviewing their options and later regretting their choice. All selection times are staggered so that students have time to choose unit. There is no need to rush. If you select a unit and later wish to change it, your original selection will be cancelled and you will receive a new selection time to pick a new room. Your new time slot will be assigned at the end of all other selection times, so there is no guarantee that you will find a better unit the second time.

Special Communities

Second Year Experience: Second Year Experience (SYE) is a new community in the recently renovated St. Helens building. Priority for the SYE community is given to students currently in a First Year Experience community in Broadway, Ondine or Stephen Epler. All SYE units are double furnished units (one-bedroom and studio).

Honors Housing: If a resident wants to select an Honors unit and is admitted to the Urban Honors College, the resident will be eligible to select a unit on the Honors Floors in Stephen Epler. Only residents with the Honors designation will be able to select units on these floors.

Blackstone Quad: If a resident wants to reserve a space in one of the Blackstone Quads, they will select the Quad option in the Room Selection Contract, then complete a form with all roommate information with the Housing Office. One resident can pick up the form, get signatures from all roommates, and submit the form to Housing. Quad units are assigned in the order in which we receive your request and completed contracts, with priority given to complete groups of four residents.


Double Furnished Roommates

Residents selecting a double-furnished unit who have identified their preferred roommate for the academic year complete the following process:

  1. Each resident must submit a room selection contract and select a double furnished priority or SYE preference prior to February 28th at noon.
  2. Log into the housing portal to identify your roommate using the Roommate Request process. You will need your preferred roommate's PSU email address to search.
  3. Once requested, the selected roommate will be notified by email. They must log into the housing portal to confirm prior to February 28th at noon to be paired.
  4. When your selection time opens, the roommate with the earlier selection time will select a room for both residents. Please make sure both roommates agree to the selected unit. Discuss your respective budgets prior to beginning the process.
  5. The roommate with the later selection time does not need to complete any action during the selection time. They may log into the housing portal to see their selected room.

Roommates participating in the Roommate Request Process must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a current resident
  2. Have a matching gender*
  3. Have submitted an academic year Housing Contract.

*Roommates who do not meet this criteria can still be roommates. Roommates with different genders should see the Roommate Gender Matching section below.

Roommate Gender Matching

If a resident wants to share a double unit with a roommate of a different gender, one resident should select the unit during Room Selection. Both roommates should then email indicating the other resident will share the unit.  Units with more than two occupants (quads and suites) must have matching genders.

Live in Portland This Summer

Current residents are eligible to live on campus without taking summer courses, even if they are graduating at the end of spring term. Residents who renew their room for 2020-2021 will stay in the same unit. All other residents will move to a Summer Housing Building (Blumel, Epler, Montgomery). Remember that summer contracts are separate from academic year contract.  Students planning to remain in campus housing this summer and through the next academic year must submit both a summer housing contract and an academic year housing contract.  Both may be submitted in the Housing Portal.  

Unit types available for new summer assignments include: Single and Double sleepers in Montgomery, Single and Double Studios in Epler and Single and Double One-Bedroom units in Blumel. All units are furnished. Students living in unfurnished units during Spring 2020 may select to remain in their current unit.

June Room Transfers: All current residents with summer contracts will transfer to their summer housing unit on June 20. Residents must be available to transfer that weekend. Residents who are not available to transfer should plan to move their belongings out of their unit prior to June 20, and return with their items when they return to campus.

Fall Room Transfers: Residents with 2020-2021 contracts will transfer to fall units on August 22 or September 12. Residents will be notified of their fall transfer date in July. Residents must be available to transfer during the transfer period they are assigned. Residents who are not available to transfer should plan to move their belongings out prior to their transfer date, and return with their items when they return to campus.

Financial Details


Residents will be charged a $50 Contract Fee to their student account when they submit their 2020-2021 Contract. Payment will be due by the 6th of the following month.


Residents who complete a 2020-2021 Housing Contract will be charged a $140 Prepayment that will be due in Fall 2020. Students will have a $140 Room Rate Reduction in Spring Term 2021 (i.e. a unit that normally costs $1640/term will cost $1500 in Spring Term). Students who cancel their contract anytime after May 1, 2020 will not receive a refund of the Spring Prepayment.


Your contract will be cancelled if you do not pick a new room during Room Selection.

Summer cancellation fees may apply. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Guide. These documents contain cancellation dates and information.

Any resident who cancels their academic year Contract after June 12, 2020 will pay a buyout fee. For more information, see 2020–2021 Terms & Conditions.