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Success Series

Workshops just for you to gain connections with other new students and upperclassmen while supporting your academics. You will also gain helpful tips and advice on academic success, finances, school/work/life balance, transition to college, and more.

East Campus

Wednesday's at 5:30 p.m. in the Ondine Lobby

1/18 Week 2

Bad Art, Good Resources 

Come learn about affordable art resources and destress by making your own galaxy in a jar. Food and snacks provided.


2/1 Week 4

Winter Wellness Wonderland

Come learn how to be happy, healthy and successful this winter term.


2/15 Week 6

Put Your Degree to Work for You.

Where can your classes and degree take you! Get some support from ACS and learn what could be next for you!


3/1 Week 8

The Final(s) countdown

Get your game on to score big during finals!

West Campus

Wednesday's at 5:30 p.m. in King Albert Ground Level

1/18 Week 2

May the Funding Be In Your Favor

Learn more about successful scholarship application writing with the RAM team. 


2/1 Week 4

Pancakes and Resumes 

Enjoy breakfast for dinner while perfecting your resume and curriculum vitae. 


2/15 Week 6

Tea Bar

 Take some time to de-stress with the RAMs and an expansive tea bar featuring teas to meet all of your de-stressing needs. 


3/1 Week 8

Meal in a Mug

Don't let the hectic pace of the term get you down! Fuel your body and mind  at University Success with a workshop on the endless possibilities of mug and microwave cooking.