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FYE Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching

Are you a freshman living in the residence halls?
Are you interested in learning how to balance school, work, friends?
Are you wondering how you'll stay motivated through the entire term?
Interested in having someone point you in the right direction or to help you connect with PSU resources?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Academic Coaching program offered through University Success (Ondine 207), is for you!

We offer a flexible coaching program that allows you to work with professional staff or peer coaches to help you obtain your academic goals. These goals may address school/life balance, active learning strategies, study skills, communication skills, and resources on and off campus.

How we differ from your Academic Advisor

The University Success Academic Coaching program offers one-on-one academic coaching sessions to freshmen residential students. We ask that you commit to five mini-sessions, which will include some small individual exploration exercises. Some of the exercises include how to utilize a planner, how to track deadlines, and going to see your academic adviser. You can choose to meet with a professional staff member at Portland State or one of your upperclassmen peers. Coaching begins the second week of each term.

Can we help you get a step ahead? Sign up and let's get started!

E-mail if you need more information.