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Purpose of PACURH

Consistent with the Articles of Incorporation of NACURH, the purpose of PACURH shall be to promote student intellectual, educational, cultural, physical, and social welfare; to design and facilitate programs and informational services; to provide an avenue for assisting students achieve fuller participation in the life of the college community and to extend the influence in good name of the organization everywhere.

PACURH Diversity Statement

PACURH adopted a Diversity Statement in 1992, which reads as follows:

  • PACURH is a student-run organization whose purpose is to provide leadership development opportunities for student leaders in residence hall systems across the region. Students that comprise the organization are of different races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, religions, ages, genders, personal beliefs, and political affiliations. As such, PACURH is a representative body of a truly multicultural population and is committed to promoting an atmosphere conductive to embracing and celebrating individual differences and lifestyles. PACURH accepts the responsibility to act aggressively and proactively toward educating the membership. PACURH strongly encourages schools to build conference delegations that are representative of the diversity of people from their individual campuses. Ultimately, PACURH strives for an appreciation, understanding, and celebration of diversity.

PACURH Pride Colors

In 1994, PACURH adopted pride colors. The following colors were adopted:

  • Blue, signifying water’s motion, the strength of involved-students’ leadership, and the depth of programs that are exchanged between schools
  • Green, signifying the grass that grows, the growing organization at the member schools, and the residents who are positively affected by the education their leaders gain through NACURH
  • Yellow, signifying the sun’s energy and desire to move in a positive direction that the Pacific Affiliate looks towards

Visit PACURH at their website here.