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Of The Month

What are Of The Months?

Of The Months (OTMs) are ways in which you can recognize individuals who have had a positive impact on your residential community in the last month. NRHH understands that students often don't have the time to recognize the change agents in our communities on-campus, and is founded on teaching the importance recognition plays in creating communities of engaged students. Our mission for OTMs is to provide ways to make such acts accessible and impactful for those who receive an OTM. Winners will also go on to compete on the regional and international level.

Submit a General Nominee OTM:

Know someone worthy of recognition? Your RA? Your roommate? By vising the OTM website, you can submit a 100-600 word essay about why they deserve to be recognized. They will receive a copy of your essay no matter what, but the NRHH chapter will also vote for campus winning OTMs to recognize OTM receivers and writers who go beyond the call of duty for you or your community. Make sure to check out the category guide to see the different types of students and staff you can recognize on campus.

Submit a Program OTM:

Did you go to great program lately? Program OTMs allow for various types of programs on campus to be nominated. These OTMs recognize programs on campus that are educational, social, community service, or passive (bulletin boards) and is sent to those who planned them to inform them of the impact their program had. 

Need to Make an OTM Account?

Visit to make an account and submit your first OTM. Make sure to read our category guide and our top 10 tips before starting so that you have a chance to compete for campus winner.