General Assembly

What is General Assembly?

General Assembly (GA) meetings are where the RHA Executive Board, Hall Council Officers, and an NRHH Executive Board liaison come together to determine how money is spent, determine what large scale events will take place, and offer feedback to departmental and campus partners.

In the past we have had guest presenters ask for resident feedback on CPSO training policies, laundry room upgrades, building remodels, and other issues that affect the on-campus population's experience.

Who Can Attend?

General Assembly (GA) meetings are a chance for all on-campus residents to have their voice heard so all residents are invited to attend and bring their own perspectives and feedback into our discussions.  

How Do I Get on the GA Agenda?

Email and the RHA Director will respond to determine a date and time for you to present at GA.

How Do I Become A Voting Member of GA?

Only RHA Executive Board members, the Hall Council President and General Assembly Representative (or proxy), and the NRHH Executive Board liaison (or proxy) are voting members of GA.

If you are interested in becoming a voting member of the General Assembly, feel free to swing by the Rep & Rec office (Located in Montgomery 103)  to talk to an Executive Board member about potential openings.