Scholarships 2021-22

Voice student performing in recital


The PSU School of Music & Theater offers over 150 music scholarships totaling $400,000 in funds annually. Awards range from $1500 up to full tuition.  Out-of-state students receiving a scholarship are also eligible for tuition remission toward out-of-state tuition and fees.

Cello Student in performance

Audition Requirements

To audition for music scholarships you’ll need to record an audition (video or audio) and upload it into your School of Music & Theater application. Each performance area has its own audition requirements, which are available on our Student & Faculty resources page. 

How To Apply

Applications - a two-step process

To qualify for music scholarships, you'll need to submit two separate applications, one to the School of Music & Theater, and one to Portland State. Both applications must be completed by January 31, 2021, to be considered for scholarships.

  1. The School of Music & Theater application is submitted through Acceptd, our application portal. You'll need to create an account and pay the $20 fee to complete the process. Audition videos can be uploaded directly into your application and will be reviewed by the appropriate area coordinator to be considered for scholarships.
  2. Both freshmen and transfer students can apply to Portland State to be considered for music scholarships. A non-refundable $52 application fee is required. Some students may be eligible for fee deferral as an undergraduate. 
Javanese Gamelan student performers

Areas of Study

The PSU School of Music & Theater offers nine undergraduate degree paths in fourteen different areas of study. Our world-renowned faculty will challenge you to grow and excel as we prepare you to be the next generation of world-changing teachers, performers, scholars, composers, and arts advocates.