Study brass instruments at a school of music in the heart of vibrant Portland, Oregon. At PSU, you will find experienced faculty to guide you through learning about performance and how to be a professional musician. Our ensembles and classes are known for their challenging and supportive environment. Those looking at brass colleges to make them the best musician possible will appreciate how at PSU everyone is encouraged to succeed and grow in their craft. From local performances to in-depth studio classes, you will feel ready to tackle a career in music after studying here.

Get A Head Start

Start as early as you can making relationships and even taking a couple of classes within the brass program. We want to encourage you to hit the ground running, assessing what you need to improve, as well as designing a preparation schedule in between your coursework. Because you’ll perform more often than at many other brass colleges, practice is crucial to your success.

Performance Opportunities

Brass students play in the band or orchestra, as well as a selection of smaller ensembles, whether a chamber group or in an ensemble specific to brass instruments. Often, you’ll get travel opportunities to perform with these ensembles at various festivals and conferences. With these concerts and master classes by notable groups and soloists (members of the Boston Symphony, Army Brass Quintet), you’ll be able to put what you learn in the classroom into real-world context.

Unique Community Experience

You’ll find that one of the most supportive elements to our program is our studio classes. You’ll learn from our seasoned faculty, as well as your peers. One of the best ways to gain performance experience is to play in front of other students, receiving encouragement and constructive feedback.

Prepare For Your Career

Our Brass students have graduated and then pursued further graduate studies, or careers as freelance and orchestral musicians, university instructors, and K-12 teachers.

Dave Bamonte Headshot

Dave Bamonte - Brass Area Coordinator

Dave Bamonte was trained at the New England Conservatory of Music and the Eastman School of Music, and is assistant principal trumpet in the Oregon Symphony. Though he primarily teaches trumpet, he also serves as the Brass Area Coordinator, conducts various brass ensembles and teaches brass pedagogy.